Niche Markets

At Thaney & Associates, CPA, we specialize in many different industries throughout the country, including but not limited to: Auto Dealerships, Law & Legal Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Medical practices like Dental, Chiropractic, Dermatology, Optometry and so many more. By utilizing our proprietary software, we provide updated industry information in all of our strategic meetings with clients to guarantee top level service from our team.

Auto Industry

As an ever changing industry, Thaney & Associates, CPA follows auto dealer trends and offers invaluable insight to dealers throughout the country.

Construction Industry

With the many stresses in the construction industry, Thaney & Associates, CPA understands the pressure to remain proactive in order to drive profitability.

Law Firm Services

At Thaney & Associates, CPA, we provide the knowledge and guidance to many law firms and legal consultants understanding the taxations laws in many states.

Manufacturing Industry

Thaney & Associates, CPA can help your manufacturing business thrive in the immediate challenges facing you, while also looking ahead and providing strategic consulting and long-term planning.