Tax & Accounting

Our tax professionals help you to achieve better confidence and control over tax accounting subject matters. As CPA’s, we understand the complexity of taxes and can assist in customizing tax services to meet the specific needs of your tax circumstance. We are devoted to understanding your goals and the unique personal, financial and business requirements that characterize those goals. Through our collaborative, yet protective approach, we streamline solutions that address the comprehensive landscape of tax scenarios.

We understand how important each client is through the relationships we build with them. Through this, we can better understand their wants while exceeding their needs, making their service a positive experience. Think of us as your partners in tax.

While some may be typical among any accountant, others are unique just to us at Thaney & Associates. Since 1980, we have provided top notch service to an extremely diverse base of clients with the widest possible range of financial services. From our New York offices down to Florida, our forward thinking process can provide you with the more thorough tax and accounting service.

Accounting & Auditing

Defining goals. Monitoring progress. These are the services that Thaney & Associates, CPAs can provide to you that go above and beyond the traditional compliance services. The compilation, review or audit that is prepared for you is only meaningful if you understand how to use the information to make your business better. A typical report would include an accountants’ report, balance sheet, income statement and sometimes statement of cash flow and footnotes. The basic purpose is to not under or overstate assets, liabilities or equities.That’s why, at Thaney & Associates CPAs, we help our clients help themselves by showing you how to make your business more consistently profitable. Today. And well into the future.

Tax Services & Planning

Forward thinking. That is the Thaney & Associates CPAs vision. Whether it’s an individual, corporate, partnership, not-for-profit, estate, trust or gift tax return, our tax accountants don’t just look behind at the year that has passed. We want to look at the upcoming year and the years ahead to determine what the best course is for you. We know that planning is the key to creating the most desirable tax situation possible.

The Thaney & Associates CPAs tax preparation approach is a proactive one. We work in conjunction with your other professional partners– attorneys, bankers, financial advisors, insurance representatives– to maximize your tax advantages while avoiding unpleasant end-of-year surprises. This approach, combined with our always-current knowledge of new developments in tax laws, will generate substantial tax saving for you.

At Thaney & Associates CPAs we specialize in helping you plan proactively to maximize your tax advantages while avoiding unpleasant end-of-year surprises. In addition, this approach, together with our current knowledge of new developments in tax laws, results in substantial tax savings for you.

Our experience has shown that the most effective planning is often done in conjunction with other professionals – attorneys, bankers, insurance representatives, retirement plan advisors, and financial consultants. We are very pleased to work closely with all the professionals who have your best interest at heart.

Our tax services include:

  • Corporate tax planning
  • Personal income tax planning
  • Incorporations and liquidations
  • Evaluation of tax advantaged investments
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax examinations and appeals
  • Reorganizations and recapitalizations
  • Professional corporations
  • Auditing
  • Trusts
  • Valuation of closely held business interests for gift, estate, buy-sell agreements and other matters

We stand behind every tax return we prepare, including taking a strong supporting role when representing our clients before the IRS or other tax authorities.

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Forensic Accounting & Internal Controls

If you are trying to lighten up your internal controls, you can turn to Thaney & Associates for help. Our forensic accounting capabilities include an investigation into employee theft, securities, fraud, identity theft, and insurance fraud. Beyond just identifying the problems, we can make recommendations so that you can minimize your risk for loss. Did you know that out of ten employees: two won’t steal from you, but two will; and six would if they were presented with the opportunity? Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are at the greatest risk for fraud, particularly from within the organization as they are the least likely to have dedicated security personnel and most likely to take adequate internal systems and controls to prevent fraud in the first place.