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Forward-thinking goes way beyond the scales of evading drawbacks and failure. It’s also the concept of advancing and attaining success through innovation. We at Thaney & Associates, P.A. and our team of Rochester, NY accountants and CPAs believe wholeheartedly in helping our clients to achieve overall success in their personal and professional lives.

Whether you’re a new business owner looking to learn the ins and outs of accounting regulations in Rochester, NY or you’re a couple who’s in over their heads in debt that needs a clear path to finally become financially free, we have Rochester, NY accountants and CPAs with more than 50 years of experience in the industry to provide guidance.

Tax & Accounting Services in Rochester, NY Customized to Your Needs

We realize that managing your finances can be more complex than it seems on the surface. As a business owner, it might be easy to record your earnings on a spreadsheet, but are your reports in compliance with Rochester, NY and federal tax laws? An individual may be trying hard to get out of debt, but can they remain debt free if they are unaware of their weaknesses?

Our job is to help you see the naked truth about your finances and assist you in learning how to identify and evade pitfalls and set goals that will help you achieve long-term success. Below, are some of the tax and accounting services we offer in Rochester, NY

  • Rochester, NY CPAs & Accountants – Our Rochester, NY CPAs and accountants have a combined 50 years of experience in the accounting industry. Whether you’re an individual, small to medium business, large corporation, a non-profit organization, or governmental organization we offer personalized tax and accounting services. Upon calling an accountant will discuss your financial needs and schedule an appointment to evaluate your finances and create clear steps to accomplishing your goals.
  • Rochester, NY Tax Accountants – NY state and federal tax regulations change all the time and remaining in compliance for an individual or an organization presents challenges. Our Rochester, NY tax accountants will work with you to ensure that you’re in compliance. Through forward-thinking strategies, our tax accountants also assist clients in maximizing tax credits and deductions.
  • Rochester, NY Tax Preparation – Basic tax returns for an individual with no dependents or real deductions may seem simple enough, but when you get into owning a business, having bank accounts, student loans, mortgages, and dependents, filing your tax returns each year becomes a hair-pulling experience. Our Rochester, NY tax preparation services will provide peace of mind. Our tax accountants in Rochester work to compile all your financial information by collaborating with bankers, attorneys, financial advisers, and insurers. During preparation, our accountants will also go over solutions for improving your tax advantages in the future.
  • Assurance & Audits – Audits should be looked at as more than just a verification of financial statements. They are opportunities to get a clear view of your performance over the past year. Our Rochester, NY accountants and CPAs have the experience and discipline it takes to help you explore new behaviors for conserving resources and improving company operations with our innovation assurance and audit services. Our first goal is to learn a great deal about your organization. With this knowledge, our accountants can now generate an audit tailored to the specific needs of your company and its objectives.
  • Business Advisory & Financial Planning – Growing your Rochester, NY business takes more than just a great product or service, it requires successful planning, monitoring, and progression. Using their broad range of business experience and full understanding of your industry, our Rochester accountants and CPAs, will develop a system that helps to improve operational responsiveness and profitability. Our business advisory and financial planning services provide our clients with planning and goal setting processes that ultimately propel their businesses into the future.
  • Accounting Assistance – Whether you’re planning for retirement in Rochester, NY or you’re looking to expand your business, we have accounting assistance services that will help you get there. Each of our Rochester, NY accountants and CPAs are educated, trained, and experienced in both personal and business accounting and are ready to assist you in getting in control of your finances for good. From estate and retirement planning to small business taxes and financial planning, Thaney & Associates, P.A. has all the accounting assistance you need.

Live or own a business in the Rochester, NY area and need assistance with your finances? Thaney & Associates, P.A., an accounting firm in Rochester, NY has some of the best accounting services available. Our forward-thinking processes, decades of experience, and in-depth understanding of your personal or company finances help us to develop actionable steps to help you attain success. Give one of our accountants or CPAs a call to set up an appointment today.