Do you dream about a successful, profitable business that is personally rewarding and delivers the lifestyle you desire? Our. team knows that it is absolutely essential for you as a business owner to have a vision for your organization. We have the tools necessary to help your vision become a reality– the investment of energy, the accumulation of knowledge and the power of thought to help you succeed.

In the business world, there’s just so much to know. And years of experience later, you still probably haven’t learned it all. Yet in today’s tougher business environment, a few poor decisions can cost you a lot. Conversely, a few smart, well-informed decisions can anchor your business, fuel growth and put you in position for long-term success.

It’s a sad fact, but more than 75% of all businesses fail in the first five years. And of those that actually succeed, most never reach their full potential. You could actually have better odds of success in Vegas than in your own business! Don’t gamble with your business. Let us help dramatically increase your odds of success.

To succeed today, you need more than just your typical accountant. You need an accountant who actively works with you to make your business more valuable.

Planning for business success takes a lot more than simply thinking strategically about the future of your business. Compare it to the way a skipper and navigator prepare for a competitive ocean race– where your course is charted from start to finish long before the race begins.

In planning for the race, your course takes into consideration a variety of environmental factors, like wind and weather, the talent of the crew, the capability of the vessel and the caliber of the competition. In the race itself, the course charted will change as the conditions themselves change– from shifting winds to sudden storms, from obstacles that cross your path to moves made by competitors.

At Thaney & Associates, CPAs, we’ll act as your experienced “navigator” and help you plot a steady, constant course for your business’ success. Today, and well into the future.

We won’t just crunch the numbers. We’ll help you build a stronger business.

Using our experience, our knowledge of the tools that work for successful small- and medium-sized businesses and our membership in an international alliance of consulting accountants, we will help you develop a winning business strategy. You will establish a sustainable competitive advantage and build a business that works for you. We’ll teach you how to work ON your business rather than IN it, working tirelessly to:

  • Identify opportunities for business growth and improvement rather than just looking at your historical figures.
  • Provide ideas on how to make those opportunities work.
  • Help you identify your vision for the future of your business, your goals and the steps to get you there.
  • Create a regularly updated action plan to achieve those goals.
  • Show you how to better involve and build your team so they treat their work as much more than a job.
  • Offer dynamic customer service training for your team.
  • Assist in converting more sales over the phone or face to face.
  • Provide feedback and new ideas on your marketing and advertising to generate a much better return on your investment.
  • Help you address management and human resources issues.
  • Build key performance indicators for your business to make it run like clockwork.
  • Proactively monitor your progress on a monthly basis so you could adjust quickly to maximize profits.
  • Help you establish systems that allow you to take the pulse of your business, better control your activities and know exactly where you stand at all times.
  • Help you find ways to realize a better quality of life.
  • Work to constantly increase your financial rewards.
  • Institute strategies for the future– to make your business a more valuable AND reliable asset by sale or succession.