Helping you work ON your business not IN it is our goal when we help you plan for your business. After all, why did you go into business in the first place? Independence? More money? A better lifestyle with more free time? Greater challenge? Or a more secure future for your family? However the reality has become long hours, stress, greater risks, more responsibilities and less time with your family.

A Thaney & Associates CPAs business plan can help you get your business on the right track so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve. And have the opportunity to grow your business rather than just maintain it.

Like most people, when you start thinking about improving your financial situation, you probably think, “I have a good salary, I pay my bills on time, I do my taxes, I have insurance– I’m handling my finances pretty well– spending time and money on financial planning isn’t worth it for me.” In fact, time spent developing and implementing a well-researched and sound financial and estate plan can mean the difference between doing just pretty well for now and doing extremely well for the long-term– yielding:

  • More money for you and your family
  • Better preparation and flexibility for life changes
  • Increased protection against mistakes and unexpected circumstances

This is where Thaney & Associates CPAs financial and estate planning experts can help. Providing peace of mind by ensuring your best odds of permanent wealth and comfort. The Thaney & Associates CPAs approach to financial success is the result of a multi-step planning process:

  • Set achievable financial and personal goals
  • Assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan
  • Develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on financial strengths
  • Put your plan into action and monitor its progress
  • Revise your plan to accommodate changing: goals, personal circumstances, financial opportunities market and tax laws

It’s a planning process that requires skill, knowledge, diligence, and discipline. Tools you might not have, but Thaney & Associates CPAs experts do. And, with a little help from you, together we can help you reap great rewards that will make the end result well worth your time and effort. View the Financial Planning FAQs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your financial future were set and all of the pieces just fell into place and required no effort on your part? The first step in that direction is to choose the right financial planner. A planner with the insight and knowledge to help you define the best plan possible. That’s where the estate and financial planning experts at Thaney & Associates CPAs can help.

Financial planning by leveraging our experience to help you find the right advisor, we may not be able to completely remove you from the process, but we’ll do the best that we can to make it as painless as possible. It starts with giving you an accurate picture of your financial situation. With this picture, you will be able to make decisions that benefit you most, so that you can obtain your financial goals.

Plan on not working forever,
personal financial planning involves several steps, each one key to ensure that the plan succeeds. It starts with evaluating your current situation, then setting goals, developing the best possible plan and then implementing and monitoring that plan.

In evaluating your current situation, you are determining your net worth. If it’s less than you may have thought, we’ll look first at your spending habits, then help you formulate a budget that works for you and allows you to stay on top of your finances so that you can set attainable goals for yourself.

  • Do you want to have an emergency fund?
  • Do you want to start planning your retirement?
  • Are you planning for a child’s education?
  • Will you be buying a home or starting a business?

No matter what your goals, Thaney & Associates CPAs financial planning experts can help you create a strategy that will put you on a course that will best help you realize your dreams.