Is your business in peak financial health? We exercise diligence in keeping your books in shape and your costs lean. Whether you have a brand new business or one that has had the longevity and institutional presence of Thaney & Associates, CPA, we are here to guide you and your business towards the best decisions and solutions. Our team is knowledgeable in what is essential for a business owner to have in order, to be successful. With our tools and expertise, we can make your business dreams a reality.

Our employees have the training and experience needed to provide accurate findings in many situations, including brokering sales or purchases agreements, restructuring, estate planning and taxation, and stock options and shareholder concerns. From New York to Florida, our team is a part of a diverse mix of community and business organizations.

To succeed today, you need more than just your typical accountant. You need an accountant who is in active partnership with you to make your business more valuable.

Our financial advisory services deliver the targeted objective advice you need to examine your options, opportunities and any foreseeable exposure. Whether you require support with leadership training, assistance with evaluation and judgement, mergers and acquisitions, or a lesson with QuickBooks programming, let the Thaney & Associates, CPA team be your partner in choosing the best direction for you and your business.