Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you what the right decision would be? At Thaney & Associates, it really is that easy! Our personal services are tailored exactly to your unique circumstance. We look at the big picture and set individual goals that are reachable for you and your business. We not only work with you as you prepare for your future to be successful, but also can help guide you for life decisions you may not even thought about yet.

With our personal services, we have many possibilities to fit any one of our clients. It’s a planning process mixed with skill, knowledge, diligence, and discipline. You may not know or have the most skill, knowledge, diligence, and discipline starting out, but the Thaney experts do. Together we can help you reap great rewards that will make the end result well worth your time and effort.

So whether you’re looking to buy a new home, sell your current home, have questions about legal issues, are interested in making a will, want to make a smart financial investment/decision, or simply need help with your work/life balance, let us guide you in the right direction. With 30+ years of experience, Thaney & Associates are the accountants you can count on, and most of all trust.

Check out the following Personal Services we have to offer at both our New York and Florida offices. Let us guide you in the right direction for your future!