Imagine, not having to purchase software, upgrades, 24/7 access from anywhere with internet access, always having a backup, not having to pay for disaster recovery, not having to get your files to or from your accountant.

What is Hosting?


  • SECURITY! Computer crash, power outage, hurricane; your data is always safely and securely backed up on our offsite server!
  • SAFE! Stored on our secure server, you never have to worry about anyone outside your company viewing your data.
  • CONVENIENT! If you have internet, you have access, 24/7!
  • GUARANTEED! Every fifteen minutes we will have all your data backed up on a secure server.
  • Efficient! You no longer have to wait for your books to be returned from your accountant, they have access the same time you do!
  • FREE! That’s right, you will be upgraded at no charge every time QuickBooks® and Peachtree come out with an update!
  • RELIEF! Have you ever made an error that you can’t fix? No problem! One call and we can reset our server in fifteen minute intervals to remove recently recorded transactions.
  • CONNECTED! Have a question for one of our accountants? They can view the program at the same time WITH you!
  • EASY! You never have to run a back up again, we perform it every fifteen minutes!
  • MONEY SAVINGS! A steal at $55*/month, per user!

* Not a Thaney & Associates, CPAs, P.C. client? No Problem! Your fee is $65/month, per user. Need Enterprise Edition? Call for pricing.