You may be uncomfortable with contracting a bookkeeping service– maybe there are times you need to write checks immediately or see invoices that don’t make sense. With Thaney & Associates, these fears are alleviated. Our technology allows you to continue doing all of these things! The idea is to make bookkeeping an invisible task that takes none of your time, yet you still retain 100% control of your business and your life.

How does it work? Through Thaney & Associates bookkeeping department, Supporting Strategies will visit your company to determine how your business is operating. If an unskilled bookkeeper has set up your accounting software, the resulting reports are not meaningful in determining where your profit centers lie. Our CPAs will review your account classifications and accounting procedures to determine if you are using your accounting software to its fullest potential. Then we’ll set up a process that will gather the necessary financial information. Invoices will be faxed or emailed to our office with any adjustments or payment comments you wish to make. The faxes are converted to electronic files and entered into your accounting software. When you’re comfortable, all invoices can then be sent directly to our office, thereby freeing up time for you and your staff.

In the end, you’ll have access to all your accounting data, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Through a totally secure web-based link that uses the same data safeguards as an ATM!

Our goal is to make bookkeeping an invisible task that takes none of your time. We:

  • Cut bookkeeping costs $10,000 to $20,000 per year.
  • Have real numbers every day at 5 PM.
  • No more hiring or managing the position.
  • 100% control of all money – only you can write checks.

How we do it:

  • A degreed bookkeeper reviews your books.
  • Source documents are faxed, scanned or sent directly to the bookkeeper.
  • RDP is used to access software from your office or from our office.
  • Data entry clerks do the basic entries.
  • Cell phones or credit cards are used to track miscellaneous expenses.
  • Online banking is used to improve cash management.

Services you will receive.

Our Bookkeepers give you real numbers at 5:00 PM every day without the problems of hiring and managing personnel.

  • File bookkeeping data
  • Input payables
  • Set bills for payment
  • Print and mail invoices
  • Payroll services
  • Answer accounting questions
  • Record deposits
  • Post accounts receivable
  • Reconcile checks
  • Handle government paperwork
  • Run sales reports
  • Analyze cash flow

Build a Well Run Business & Save Money!

Helping you build a well-run business:

  • 50 years ago a well-run business had a switchboard operator.
  • 40 years ago a well-run business had an elevator operator.
  • 30 years ago a well-run business had a janitor.
  • 20 years ago a well-run business had a typing pool.
  • 10 years ago a well-run business had a telephone receptionist.
  • 3 years ago a well-run business had a computer tech at hand.

Now technology allows you to remove the bookkeeping function and save $10,000 or more per year with better results!.

You make the calculation, then we will provide the quote.

Use Real Numbers to Better Manage Your Business.

Real Numbers that will help you manage your business better everyday.

Introducing the 5 at 5:00 PM

Every business owner should take 5 minutes at the end of the day and see exactly where their business is. Are you focusing on your profits? Where is your money? By looking at these 5 critical numbers from home, office, or a hotel room 1,000 miles away, you are keeping on top of your business. With ASP (application service technology) you can see your bookkeeping data (we call it the score card) from any location.

“Each day at 5:00 PM I log on to my accounting software and review these 5 numbers. They give me an exact picture of how I’m doing.”

What are the critical numbers that will help you manage your business?

Your critical numbers may be different, but here is an example of what can be checked daily:

  • Cash on hand;
  • Sales for that day and month to date;
  • Accounts payable for the next 7 and 30 days;
  • Accounts receivable for the next 7 days;
  • Profits for today and month to date.